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5 more tips for frugal living

6. Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Yes, your health can play a factor in how much money you’re spending. One of the best frugal living tips anyone can follow is to get in better shape. Those who smoke, consume too much alcohol, have poor eating habits, are out of shape or are overweight tend to spend more money than a person who is living a healthy lifestyle. If you are in shape, you will eat less. If you quit smoking and drinking, you aren’t wasting money on alcohol or cigarettes. If you jog, walk or run on a regular basis, you are giving yourself an activity that will make you healthier and hardly costs any money.

7. Look for Ways to Earn on the Side

While you don’t necessarily have to take up a second job or even a part-time gig, finding ways to earn money on the side is a frugal living tip that will help you reach your retirement goals, or give you more spending money. Earning money on the side will also keep you preoccupied so that you feel less tempted to waste money, and what better way to live happily on a tight budget than to spend time earning money rather than spending it.

8. Stop Impulse Buying

Never walk into a store and purchase something without thinking about it first. Frugal living requires you to consider all purchases with at least a 24-hour timeframe. If you still feel compelled to have the item in question after 24-hours, then it might be worth buying.

9. Never Buy Anything at Full Price

Have you ever purchased something, only to see it go on sale a month later? If you find an item, and followed the suggestion in tip #8, make sure that the item you must have is at least on sale. If it’s not, then wait till it goes on sale before you buy it. Hopefully, by the time the item goes on sale, you’ll no longer feel compelled to buy it, thus saving even more money in the long run.

Another useful tip would be to only allow yourself to purchase something if you are able to find a coupon for it. Websites like provide free coupons you can use for online purchases. This is another great way to help you curb your shopping impulses and practice frugal living habits.

10. Change the Way You Eat Out

Giving up on restaurant dining and eating out may be a good tip to save money, but it probably won’t make you very happy. Instead of giving up on it completely, try changing the way you eat out. Always keep an eye out for promotions or deals. Restaurants tend to offer discounted meal prices during off hours, so try eating earlier or later than usual to save. Scan the appetizer section and see if you can turn an item into an entrée. Many times, a restaurant will have an appetizer and an entrée that are virtually the same, only the appetizer is a bit smaller and comes at a cheaper price. Also make sure you take advantage of any coupons you receive in the mail, or print your own from online.

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