Change In Advance
Do you have a plan?

Ok people we’ve discussed what a leader is from one aspect, and the need for goals from another. Today I’d like to talk about Having a Plan.
Let’s assume your goal is to become a published author with Random House. Have you figured out the necessary steps? Do you know what it takes to secure this deal and sign a legally binding contract?
This is where the plan comes in.
First right down what you think has to happen.
Second get advice on what you really need. Speak to someone who’s been where you are. Buy them lunch. The money you spend on a good meal will give u an invaluable amount of knowledge. And knowledge is power.
Third right all of this down. Put all numbers, addresses, emails, steps and so forth on paper. LITERALLY WRITE IT OUT.
That is an integral part of your plan. When you write it out it takes shape and forms more solidly in your mind and heart.
Fourth. Focus. Think about the pal before you, meditate on it. Look at that list when you wake in the morning, three times during your day and last before you hit the hay.
Fifth and final. Act on your plan. Small steps are better than large amounts of nothing. Make it a Goal to act on a step everyday.
Remember in business its dog eat dog.

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